How To Encourage Your Preschooler To Read

Reading is fundamental and one of the most important things your child learns at Los Angeles private schools. Encouraging your children to read at an early age, sets them up to become lifetime learners. There are many ways to encourage your children to start reading. Here are some ideas on getting you started.

Read To Your Children Daily

Several studies have shown that one of the best ways to help your children become readers is to read to them daily. Reading to your children aloud helps develop their cognitive, listening, and word recognition abilities. It also supports imaginative thinking and teaches children about daily life. Reading to your children also has social benefits. Reading can help children develop empathy and learn about other people. The best way to ensure you read to your children every day is to read to them at night before bed. 

Give Them Plenty Of Reading Materials

How To Encourage Your Preschooler To Read

Making sure your child always has access to reading materials will encourage them to read more. It’s always good to provide your children with plenty of books at varying skill levels so they can practice and improve their reading skills. However, you should look at having other materials like magazines, comics, newspapers, travel brochures, or sports programs depending on their interest. This will give them more opportunities to read and a diverse range of subjects to read about. It’s also a good way to help children read when they don’t show any interest in books.

Enroll Them In An Excellent Preschool

There are a lot of excellent options for Los Angeles private schools. However, some programs place more emphasis on reading than others. A great way to determine which of the Los Angeles private schools is best to enroll your child in is to review the curriculum. Talk to the educators about what programs and enrichment activities they use to promote reading. You can also explore their library resources and if they offer any extracurriculars like read-a-thons to encourage reading.

Together, these tips will help ensure that you set your children up to become lifetime readers. At Valley School, we use a combination of technology and traditional teaching methods to help your child master reading. We have tons of resources for both at school and after-school reading. Contact us to schedule a tour and we’ll be happy to show you how we encourage all our students to become readers.

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