At The Valley Schools’ lower school, we strives to create an environment which honors a sense of wonder and curiosity, empathy and responsibility, while developing in students a love of and excitement about their learning. We offer an exceptional nurturing environment for intellectual, emotional and physical growth. The goal of our elementary education is to further the child’s delight in discovery, sense of personal responsibility and ability to work both independently and in a group.

Academics are of the utmost importance at The Valley Schools and each grade’s curriculum is designed to challenge the students and instill a love of learning. In addition to the subjects taught in the classroom, our students are also required to take extra-curricular classes in Spanish, computers, art and a daily physical education.
Our elementary students consistently test in the top 10% of the nation and test 2 years ahead of comparable schools.

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Transitional Kindergarten
First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade

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