Tips for Overcoming Separation Anxiety for Preschoolers

One thing that may be overlooked until the first day of school when finding the best preschools near me might be the separation anxiety that may result from leaving your student. Separation anxiety can cause more chaos than necessary when dropping your student off at school for the first time.

So, looking for the best preschools near me should also include these tips for overcoming separation anxiety for preschoolers attending their new school.

Signs of Separation Anxiety

Some signs of separation anxiety you may notice or experience include clinginess, crying, fear of an unfamiliar place or face, tantrums, refusal to engage in classroom activities, signs of restlessness, and outbursts that go away when the caregiver is gone. 

To combat these and resolve anxious feelings, the child needs to develop a sense of safety in their new school. They have to trust that their parents will pick them up at the end of the day, and they need to trust that they are safe with their teachers. 

Small Notes

A small note from the caregiver can help reassure the child each day. Even if they can’t read yet, they can still keep the note in their pocket and pull it out if they feel sad. It is a good way to help manage these new feelings they have when starting school. Shorter is better for these notes. 

Take Baby Steps

It never hurts to start small and take baby steps in the beginning. It might even be helpful to take your child on a tour of the school ahead of their first day. Parents can also call, email, or text when necessary to check in on their students. 

Acknowledge Feelings

Tips for Overcoming Separation Anxiety for Preschoolers

Another tip for overcoming separation anxiety for preschoolers is acknowledging their feelings. If they want to talk, then let them. Let them know that if they are nervous, they can share their fears and feelings with you, and you will be there to support them. Communication is important when it comes to your preschooler and any anxiety they may be experiencing.

Create a Routine

Finally, make sure to create a routine to help with the adjustment period when starting preschool. Make a calendar with your child, develop structure, and follow through with the routine even on days they aren’t at school.

Follow these tips to better manage the separation anxiety you and your student may experience during their first days of preschool.

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