P.A.T.H.S. is very happy to share our accomplishments over the last 5 years!  At the end of 2011, the P.A.T.H.S. organization was not set up for success and had very limited parent involvement.  The following school year, a group of very dedicated parents came together with a mission of rebuilding the organization so that it focuses on helping to make the educational experience of our children the best it can be, while promoting and encouraging family involvement.  As we continue to strive for this goal, we did want to share with everyone some of the accomplishments to date.  Many parents were involved in this process, and we are very grateful for all their efforts!  A huge thank you is also is due to Mr. Haddad for his continued support and help! Thank you to all the generous families who have made our success possible!

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Purchased new lockers for the middle school
  • Repainted the middle school & elementary school lunch areas
  • Repainted the pool area trim
  • Refurbished all the elementary and middle school lunch tables in blue & yellow
  • Purchased 20 easels, canvas panels, and smocks for the elementary art classes
  • Repainted the fence by the preschool and 4th/5th grade classrooms
  • Purchased a new ping pong table
  • Paid for the author visit during Read Across America Week
  • Music fundraisers paid for the holiday and spring show bands
  • Renovated the entire library with new Apple computers, carpet, furniture, art work, book shelves, new ceiling, and decor
  • Purchased 3 new Flat Screen TVs for the library, preschool & cafeteria
  • Purchased LCD Projectors for 4th-8th grade classrooms
  • Repainted the preschool
  • Repainted the teacher’s lounge
  • Launched the new website
  • Provided $10,000 towards the new gym floor
  • Fully funded the new computer lab with 19 computers, monitors and a server
  • Purchase all new software for the computer lab and staff
  • Brought in 2 assemblies for TK-8th graders
  • Created multiple gardens around the school
  • Provided funding for the new lock system for the main entrance
  • Raised over $40K for scholarships for the neediest families at Valley Schools
  • Partially funded the athletic program each year
  • Purchased 10 keyboards for the music program
  • Purchased new speakers for the auditorium
  • Purchased art supplies and a new rug for the art room
  • Paid for the Annual Staff Holiday Lunch and gifts for the staff
  • Help fund Staff Appreciation Week activities
  • Purchased new supplies and educational materials for the preschool

Thank you for your continued support!



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