Why You Need To Send Your Child To Preschool

If you have a toddler, you are likely pondering on which preschool to enroll your child. A question that may have been lingering, however, is whether your child really needs to attend preschool. Although students in the US are not required to attend preschool, we as one of the independent schools in Los Angeles providing preschool programs, highly recommend it. Find out why.

Why Children Need Preschool

Why You Need To Send Your Child To Preschool

To put it simply, children who attend preschool in independent schools in Los Angeles are more likely to attain academic success in the long run. Preschool programs focus on developing basic learning skills, motor skills, and social and emotional skills, which become assets as children progress through school levels. Here are the benefits that preschool offers:

Learning Skills

Preschool starts to prepare children for the rigors of academic schooling. They develop the foundations here, especially reading, writing, and counting. In a good preschool, the child’s natural curiosity is also nurtured, which is incredibly important in lifelong learning.


Younger children may not immediately be comfortable being around lots of other children. At preschool, they will be exposed to other children their age and learn to play and interact with them in a guided environment. The social skills they learn at preschool will help them cope with school later on.

Following Rules

Another major adjustment preschoolers must make is following rules and schedules, which is not often strictly done at home. Preschool, though still lenient compared with kindergarten and elementary school, is their first taste of rules and schedules. They will learn to follow these rules and schedules appropriately while in preschool so that they will not have to struggle too much when they level up.

Is Your Child Ready For Preschool?

Since preschool is not officially mandated, independent schools in Los Angeles accept kids as young as 2 years old for preschool. Parents who cannot stay at home or find childcare while they work may opt to enroll their children in preschool, as well. 

However, apart from that, parents must also determine if their child is ready for preschool. A key sign that your child may be ready for preschool is if they have mastered basic skills at home, such as using the toilet and eating alone. They should also be independent enough such that they can play games on their own. Emotional readiness is another factor so that the child can handle being left alone. 

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