What Is Most Important for Preschoolers to Learn in School?

When we enroll our children in the best private schools in Los Angeles, there are many things we want to make sure they learn. Today, we will go over some of the more important lessons for a preschooler to learn in school. 


Children are developing increasingly with each passing day in many ways, including physically, emotionally, and socially. Teachers in the best private schools in Los Angeles are there to guide your child through development, ensuring they offer as much support as possible in each area. 

Motor skills are taught through physical activities and hands-on tasks as they explore the classroom, whether through jumping and climbing during recess or indoors using paint, puzzles, sand, and playdough. 

Social development happens as the child learns to get along with their peers. Teachers will work with the children and teach them how to respect others. They all play and learn together as they develop social and language skills and practice self-control.

A child is also helped with their emotional intelligence as they are taught how to understand and work through their feelings and behavior. They are encouraged to try new things to build their confidence and are taught to keep working on tasks, even when they seem hard.

Language Skills

Another area a preschooler is taught is their language skills. They are taught these skills when introduced to new concepts and words. Children are encouraged to speak in longer and more detailed sentences and learn to carry through with a conversation. They are encouraged to ask questions that require more than a simple yes or no answer. 

Early Reading

What Is Most Important for Preschoolers to Learn in School?

Preschool teachers help children develop early reading skills as well. When reading stories, they discuss the characters, setting, and plot and give children the opportunity to connect the stories they read and hear to real life. Rhyming games and songs and pointing out letters and words in books also teach the alphabet and how to put new words together. 

Math and Science

These subject areas at a young age are all about exploration and discovery. Children can explore different math concepts that will be used later in school while exploring different shapes and textures and comparing them. It also teaches children how to problem solve. Children are provided materials to experiment with while encouraging them to share new information they learned with other students.

When you enroll your child in the best private schools in Los Angeles, these are just a small part of what your child will learn. 

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