Three Ways To Help Your Child Be Good At Math When You Are Not

Math is one of those subjects that you either loved or hated when you were in school. If you were the latter, you are not alone. A lot of adults still hate math. However, we can all agree that math skills are really important to a child’s education and future career prospects. Even if you hate math, you can still help your children develop their math skills. Here are some tips to help you help your child with their private elementary school math homework.

Do A Quick Math Refresher

The math you do now as an adult is much more complicated than the math you did in private elementary school. You probably still have the skills for things like geometry and algebra, it’s probably just been a while since you did them. Take a minute to review your child’s math syllabus and discuss with their teacher what mathematical concepts they are covering. Then give yourself a little refresher. 

Stay Encouraging

Private Elementary: How To Help Your Child Succeed At Math

Our children model our behavior. So if we hate math, they will hate math. Instead of getting frustrated or expressing how much you hate math, stay encouraging. If you can’t figure out a math problem, be honest and say things like “Sometimes even parents struggle with math, but we can figure this out together!” or “Maybe the teacher can help us figure this really tough question out.” Modeling encouraging behavior will keep your children engaged in learning math, rather than rejecting it as something their parents hate.

Call In An Expert

When all else fails, tag in a mathematician. Tutoring is a great option for helping your children develop their math skills. There are amazing tutoring programs in person and online. You can also talk to your child’s teacher and see if they recommend any programs or resources to help parents struggling to help their children. You can also find games and apps that are fun to help your kids learn and practice their math skills.   

You don’t have to be great at math to help your children develop their own math skills. Making learning math a priority and staying positive about learning math are the most important things. At Valley School private elementary school, we’re more than happy to help if you or your child are struggling with math. Contact us anytime and we’ll be happy to help. We’re here to help your children thrive.

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