How To Decide If Public Or Private School Is Right For Your Child

Nothing is more important than your child’s education. When it comes time for them to attend school, parents have to make a really important decision. They have to decide whether to send their children to private or public schools. With some of the best private schools in Los Angeles, as well as some of the best public schools, this can be a pretty tough choice. Here are some important factors to help you make that choice.

Consider The Available Facilities

How To Decide If Public Or Private School Is Right For Your Child

The first thing you need to do when comparing the best private schools in Los Angeles with public schools is to evaluate the facilities. Having more resources for learning can help children get a better education. Assess the resources available at the schools to help guide your decision. Does the school have a great library? Does it have top-notch athletic facilities? Does it provide technological centers and tools? 

Evaluate The Curriculum

Adults understand the job market is hyper-competitive. Empowering your children with the best education will give them an important competitive advantage. You want a robust education that fosters not only hard skills like math, science, and English. You want a curriculum that fosters soft skills like critical reasoning, problem-solving, and teamwork. When assessing different schools, ask for a rundown of the curriculum. You want a varied curriculum that offers plenty of learning opportunities and is age-appropriate. Further, you also want to look at classroom size. Even with a robust curriculum, if a classroom size is too big, children won’t get the individualized attention they need to thrive. 

Assess Educational Outcomes 

A great way to measure a school’s quality is by its educational outcomes. Schools with higher test scores, graduation, and college attendance rates tend to be better schools. Schools track this information. When you are considering a school, ask the faculty for their success rates. If each of these metrics is high, then you’ve found a great school. If they are low, you may want to consider another option. 

Deciding between sending your child to public or private school is a very personal decision. If you are considering the best private schools in Los Angeles, consider Valley School. Our preschool, elementary, and middle school programs are all designed to help create the leaders of tomorrow. We have excellent facilities, a robust and well-rounded curriculum, and over 70 years of impressive outcomes. Contact us to schedule a tour and we’ll show you why you should choose Valley School for your child. 

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