How Music Programs Improve Student Performance

If you are considering which of the private schools in San Fernando Valley to send your child to, make sure they have a music program. There has been an incredible amount of studies done that show music education is profoundly beneficial. Music education not only fosters things like creativity and emotional expression, but it can also support language, math, and science skills. Furthermore, music education supports several cognitive functions from memory to critical thinking.

Music Education Improves Math Skills

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Some private schools in San Fernando Valley offer music programs. Though music is generally considered a creative subject that isn’t valued as highly as other subjects. However, research has shown that music education supports mathematics education. That is because both music and math use the area of the brain responsible for spatial-temporal reasoning. Spatial-temporal reasoning is also important for problem-solving, 3-dimensional thinking, and sequential understanding. Music education helps children develop skills they could use in fields like engineering, architecture, and scientific research.

Music Education Improves Language Skills

Music not only supports mathematics education, but it also supports the development of language skills. Studies show that even children as young as preschool age show improvement in language skills when they take music lessons. Research also shows that musicians are better at reading comprehension, auditory processing, and have a broader vocabulary. With better language skills, children will not only do better in school, but they’ll also have better communication skills and stronger relationships. Music education helps children develop skills they could use in fields such as law, marketing, and education.

Music Education Supports Memory And Retention

Music education in elementary and middle school can also help support a child’s overall education. That is because music education helps improve all four types of memory including working, sensory, long, and short term memory. Together, these help children store and retrieve the information they need to be successful at school. Studies have even shown that music education helps with not only auditory memory retrieval but also visual memory retrieval. This helps students learn information more quickly and retain it for longer. This will help them find success in all aspects of their lives. 

When assessing preschool, elementary, and middle school private schools in San Fernando Valley, make sure they have a music program. Music education is incredibly valuable for a child’s overall education. At Valley School, our renowned music program is designed to provide children of every age with the tools, skills, and knowledge they need to thrive. To learn more about our music and other curricula, schedule a tour. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and show you why our music program is so highly rated. 

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