Hallmark Of An Awesome Preschool Teacher

The preschool teacher plays a major role in your child’s life and development as a preschooler. While you cannot directly choose the preschool teacher for your child, you can make sure that your chosen private school San Fernando Valley works with teachers with these characteristics.

6 Characteristics Of A Great Preschool Teacher

Hallmark Of An Awesome Preschool Teacher

With Good Credentials And Updated

There are requirements for preschool teachers that each state sets, and private schools do not stray far from these in hiring teachers. At the least, they should have graduated with a degree in early childhood education or a related degree. Furthermore, there are some certifications and trainings available to allow them to expand and improve their craft. A good preschool teacher should engage in lifelong learning in keeping their credentials up-to-date.


Every parent knows how energetic and curious toddlers can be. Likewise, some children may learn in a different pace. A good preschool teacher should be able to handle the unique needs of each student and deal with them patiently and with respect.


Preschool teachers need to bring life to their classrooms. They should be able to not only match the children’s energy but also engage with them and hold their attention. An energetic teacher would be able to create a fun environment that your preschooler would love to return to. 

Excellent Communicator

We need to remember that students are also developing their emotional and social intelligence. Their teacher, then, should be a good listener so that they will know they are being heard. Likewise, the teacher should be able to express ideas in ways that students understand. This also extends to parent-teacher relationships—an excellent preschool teacher should listen to parents’ concerns genuinely as well as communicate about their child’s needs to them.


There are numerous challenges when you work in a preschool classroom. A great preschool teacher should be able to handle those challenges. They should be innovative, too, in the way they design and implement classroom activities to maximize students’ learning and engagement.


Arguably the most important characteristic of a preschool teacher that most private schools San Fernando Valley look for. What truly separates a good preschool teacher from a great one is their passion. This is what fuels them to keep learning, be patient, think outside the box, and care for each child they teach.

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