Five Games To Play With Your Preschoolers To Help Them Become Mathletes

Studies have shown that early math skills are a great indicator of academic success later in life. Supporting your preschooler while they learn math in private elementary school is a great way to set them up for success. Don’t worry if you aren’t a math whiz. You don’t have to be great at math to help your children become mathletes. Here are 5 games to play with your kids to help them master math.

Count And Sort

When you are cleaning up and putting toys away, try playing count and sort. First, you sort all the toys into groups. Then you count each group. You can get creative and work on some addition and subtraction as well. For example, if you have five teddy bears, ask your child to put away two. Then have them count the remaining to show basic subtraction.

How Big Is It?

A great way to start helping your child develop their early geometry skills is by playing “how big is it?” Pick an object like a favorite toy. Then ask them how big it is in relation to other objects. Is the object bigger or smaller? This will help teach them the basics of dimensions and proportion.

What Shape Is It?

Five Games To Play With Your Preschoolers To Help Them Become Mathletes

Another fun game to help develop geometry skills is to play what shape is it? This is a great game to keep kids busy in the car or on the drive to drop them off at private elementary school. Pick objects around you and ask your child to describe the shape. This will help them start recognizing the connection between geometry and our world around us.

How Many?

Another great math game to play on the road is how many? You start by picking an object. For example, if you are driving somewhere you can pick black cars. Then you and your child can count all the black cars you see. It’s a fun way to practice counting and keep your kids occupied during a long drive. 

Food Fractions

Fractions are usually learned in elementary school and middle school. However, you can get your child started on the basics of fractions with food. For example, grab an apple and ask your child to eat half. Then ask them to eat a quarter and so on. This will show them how fractions work and teach them the basics of adding and subtracting fractions.

These five games will help your preschool-aged child practice and improve their math skills. The best way to ensure that your child learns math is at Valley School private elementary school. Our preschool makes learning math easy and fun. Contact us to schedule a tour to learn how we’ll set your child up for math success. 

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