Dear Valley School Family,

As most of you know, the costs of operating a school far exceed the amount of money collected through tuition. Since the onset of the pandemic three years ago, Valley School has faced unprecedented challenges. In conjunction with the implementation of rigorous safety measures, we have also made a multitude of campus and curricular improvements to support the academic, physical, and social-emotional health of our students.

All of this, along with a more competitive compensation package for faculty and staff, more personnel, and a significant increase in need for financial aid means that we began this school year with significant needs. Many families have recognized this and have reached out asking how they can assist Valley School financially during these difficult times. And so I speak to you now – with humility and gratitude – asking for your support. On Monday, October 2, we will launch our annual capital campaign, 30 for 30, where we will attempt to raise $30K in 30 days.

The task of running a school seems overwhelming at times. Our needs are great – the materials we need to purchase, the plans we need to develop, and the schedules we need to create. And just when the overwhelm seems so great it’s about to overtake me, I remind myself, this is Valley School. This is our home. And we fight to protect our home. This fight is not just to ensure that our school can flourish and our students can thrive. Your contribution will ensure that our school will continue to move forward for years to come. As it stands, Valley has become a place where administrators from other institutions visit to learn, grow, and get inspired.

These are tough times. In fact, the uncertainty concerning the economy and employment for many of our families, resulted in the cancellation of all major fundraisers last year. I understand that not everyone will be able to contribute. However, if you are in a position to support Valley School right now, we need your help. Any gift, big or small will make a difference. Donations can be made by cash, check (made payable to Valley School), or CC via our website. Simply click on the 30 for 30 link on the front page. Unfortunately, our 501(c)(3) (The Valley School Alumni Fund Association) has been dissolved. Donations will NOT be tax deductible.

Our school, our values, our FAMILY are the foundation of a life lived with purpose. Now, more than ever, it is our family and these values that keep us rooted while the ground beneath us continues to shift. So thank you. Thank you for entrusting us with your children. Your partnership and support are appreciated more than you will ever know.


James Haddad
Head of School