Bring The Fun And Bring The Learning Home

Los Angeles private elementary schools encourage learning that sticks by making learning fun for the little ones! When kids are having fun, they’re far more likely to really absorb whatever it is they’re learning. They’re engaged, they’re excited, and they’re making memories while they’re learning all about the world around them! 

Bring The Fun And Bring The Learning Home - Los Angeles private elementary schools

The learning doesn’t have to stop after they leave their Los Angeles private elementary schools. Parents can get that same level of engagement and excitement by doing fun learning activities at home. Little ones may not even realize they’re learning, parents get to experience a great time with their kids, and together they can build passion for learning that lasts through their time in Los Angeles private elementary schools and beyond. 

For adventurous little ones, a scavenger hunt is a great way to learn about math, reading, and even science! Parents can hide little goodies in the backyard or take them for a day at the park to find the assorted items on their scavenger hunt list. For a science lesson, their hunt list might include different types of leaves, bugs, critters, or flowers. For a math lesson, little ones might have to find 3 toy cars hidden in the yard, or complete simple math problems to determine how many of which object they’ll need to tick the item off their list. Kids naturally love to explore, and parents love to watch them discover the world around them! 

Another fun way to engage and learn is through baking or cooking sessions. Baking and cooking both use quite a bit of science naturally, as well as learning to measure and read. If a kid has a favorite meal or a treat they love, parents can cook or bake those dishes with them while they help to gather and measure the ingredients. While the dish is being prepared, parents can even tell their little ones why they use certain ingredients, what they do, and how the meal comes together. When kids get back to their Los Angeles private elementary schools, they won’t be able to wait to tell their friends what they accomplished! 

Making a small garden is another learning activity that’s full of fun! Learning about science and how plants grow is important, and little ones love watching their hard work turn to vegetables or beautiful flowers. A garden is a project that kids can go back to again and again, so they can grow their plants and an ongoing passion for learning at the same time. 

Keeping kids engaged keeps them in love with learning. From preschool, to elementary school, to middle school and beyond, they’re lessons that they’ll take with them for a lifetime. 

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