Staff Contact List

The teacher list for the 2018-2019 school year will be updated in late August.  Please note that the below list was for the 2017-2018 school year, not the upcoming year.  

Last Name, First Name   Grades Email
Barnes, Kim   5th
Bramson, Mike   P.E.
Canchola, Jared   Music
Carlson, Ronnie   2nd
Cudiamat, Michelle   Middle School
Garcia, Rocio   Middle School
Garcia, Veronica   3rd
Gomez, Albert   Spanish
Greenberg, Bonnie   Library
Greenberg, Sara   Music
Haddad, James   Principal
Irvine, Danielle   5th
Loya, Joey   Computers
Loza, Kimberly   1st
Mandelbaum, Nancy   Kindergarten
Meneses, Heidy   Preschool
Orr, Molly   Office Coordinator/Administrative Assistant
Popowich, Debora   Transitional Kindergarten
Rivera, Edward   Art
Rivera, Ruby   P.E.
Sapon, Catherine   3rd
Sapon, Kristina   Kindergarten
Singer, Jessica   4th
Temple, Rick   Maintenance
Vaught, Yvette   Middle School
Villanueva, Rodney   Middle School
Williams, Lynn   Finance Office
Zapko, Arlene   1st

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